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The Voiceless came into fruition following the "We Are Survivors" film produced by Vanessa McNeal and PLVTO Pros. That short featured the stories of eight survivors of sexual violence. Viewers were in disbelief when they saw that one of the subjects in the film was male. They were shocked because we live in a society that doesn't acknowledge that sexual violence happens to men. That disbelief inspired the creation of a documentary solely about men. This film is the first step to changing the culture and conversation surrounding sexual violence and who it happens to.

This documentary is life changing. 

Vanessa McNeal

Director & Producer

Driven by her passion and veracity, Vanessa has vowed to make a difference through her work in film production and public speaking. As a survivor of sexual violence herself, she understands the value and the impact of story telling. Vanessa is the owner of McNeal Media. Vanessa won Best Director at the Newark International Film Festival for "The Voiceless".

Micheal Phipps



Micheal has made it his mission to discover and tell stories that can change the world. Through his work with Vanessa and PLVTO Pros over the past three years he has been able to do this through the production of three films, all the while continuing to improve and develop his skills from one project to the next.

Quinton Wayne



For nearly a decade, Quinton has been a visual story teller who prides himself on thinking outside of the box and daring to go where others won't. Fueled with a love for film and a desire to create content that would make the world a better place, he has worked with Vanessa and Micheal to do just that, all while learning and progressing every step of the way. 

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