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The Voiceless unveils the indiscriminatory reach and effects of sexual assault upon humanity. Its rare and vulnerable content will have a profound impact on how our country and our world acknowledges and responds to ending sexual violence for decades to come.

- Alan Heisterkamp, Ed.D.

The Voiceless left me speechless.  The intensity of the personal stories told by each of the individuals was emotionally stirring in itself, but the conviction each of these men shared in their desire to help others is truly awe-inspiring.

- Leah Gutknecht, MBA

“ The Voiceless is an important tool for opening up the conversation on the impact of sexual abuse on males. More importantly, it starts to break the traditional ideals of what a male victim looks and sounds like.”

- Bobby Dennis,  BS

This film was life changing.  I continue to think about the men in this film and what they and so many others face.  "The discussion Vanessa facilitates with the panel has left a forever imprint on me which will help me in my field of work."

- Joni Spencer LBSW

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