In order to show the film publicly, or to a small audience behind closed doors, you must obtain a license. This allows us to function as a sustainable organization and protects our copyrighted work. Each license is good for one year (365 days) from purchase date.  




This license is for educational organizations (i.e. colleges, libraries, high schools,) and it allows you to...

  • Make the film available to students, staff and faculty members for the purposes of research, education, and any other non-commercial use

  • Non profits (501c3) and social service agencies fall under this license

  • Hold a private, non-theatrical screening that is not available to the public

  • Show the film in an auditorium and/or classrooms

  • Please note that our current mode of delivery is via digital file transfer. No DVDs exist at this time

  • This license comes with a screening guide and discussion questions



This license is for any public screening where you are interested in inviting the filmmaker(s) and/or subject(s) from the film.

  • Pricing determinant of screening specifics

  • Not limited to educational institutions (i.e. theaters, corporate showings)

  • For any screening where you are intending to charge an admission fee

  • This license comes with a screening guide and discussion questions


Please get in touch to find out about our public screening fee.


  • For your own individual use

  • This license comes with a note from the producer

* To screen in a class or for an audience you are required to choose one of the above options

Photography: Leonard Johnson



What does my license get me? 

The license grants you a 1 year license for The Voiceless documentary and screening guide. 

How long does my license last? 

The license is valid for 1 year (365 days) from purchase date, and can be renewed annually.

Can multiple educators/professionals show the film if the educational license is purchased? 

Yes. The film is available across all classrooms and all organization programs for the period of the license.

If a campus/agency has multiple sites do they need a license for each site or one school?

Each service area is considered a separate entity.

If I bought the film personally (i.e. $9.99), can I show it to my classroom/college/organization?

No! If the film is screened to a classroom/agency, an education license is required.

Is there a Screening Guide? 

Yes, there is a guide and you will be sent access upon obtaining the license. . It includes great preparatory information and discussion questions.

Are there producers and/or subjects available to present when our organization screens the film?

Yes. Please reach out to for inquiries.

Can I show this in a local library? 

Yes, libraries are covered under our Education License.

Is there a screening guide?

Yes, there is a guide and you will be sent access upon obtaining the license. It includes great preparatory information and discussion questions